Dj Alphatrance is DJ who is spiritually enlightened by Buddhism.


He Travels around Asia touring and playing at festivals as a passion as he values the asian culture related to Buddhism.


He is native of Toulouse (French), who began his career in 1992. Techno was then in full swing. At just 18, he became a resident at best clubs in Toulouse, Paris and Barcelona. ( Shanghai club , Technopole , Banana cafe, Café del mar, Rachdingue … )


In 1996, he stopped the clubs to turn to parties or festivals trance to delve into the more underground circles.
He experimented many styles of electronic music such as techno, trance Goa, the minimal psytrance.

 Finally he stops on the psytrance, progressive and psychedelic trance.


1994-2006, he worked with many tribes, with the "spirals tribe", the label Hartouse (Germany) and he created the tribe Aum familly between France and Spain.


Now, He plays and products in several European countries: France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Romania, Switzerland, Austria, Uk, and festival in Asia: Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Népal.


To date, Alphatrance specializes in Trance music, an invitation to the heart of his world, a trip to "Earth Asia", his favorite haunt.

It explores sound and mastery in magical places on the planet.

Rich in music, and strong experiences in many countries, he managed to transport us to the heart of the trance.

A passion he likes to communicate with his audience: a look at itself and a reflection in the mix.


2014 signed a contract with Spirited Records (Sri Lanka)  / Compilation "Trancemigration mix vol 1"

2016 Start of collobaration with  Ovnimoon Records. ( Chili )

2017 Start of collobaration with  Landmark Recordings. ( Germany )

2019 Start of collobaration with Nbm records. ( France )